Markets Served

Our therapists and assistants provide specialized rehabilitation services to the older adult population (55+) in senior, independent and assisted living communities, and in the home and community. Our care managers and coordinators provide in home services for those individuals who are recovering from an injury or surgery or simply want to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

For active individuals living in senior living communities, our services are typically for those individuals who have had a healthcare event such as a heart attack, stroke, or joint replacement. These services are usually contracted by the individual, their medical team, or their caregivers and can be provided within the community. Read more >

For elderly loved ones who still have the physical and mental capacity to live independently but want companionship from others their age without the hassles that come with home ownership. These communities typically offer services and amenities that may include rehab on-site for patients recovering from a healthcare event. Read more >

For seniors who cannot live independently and may need help with medications and/or some daily living activities, such as bathing, grooming, eating, dressing and going to the bathroom. These communities typically offer more services and amenities that may include rehab on site. Read more >

Skilled Nursing facilities typically offer the same services and amenities as assisted living communities such as rehab on-site, including support for dementia and Alzheimer’s’ care. Additionally, Lifetime Vitality’s approach creates new opportunities for the center with creative pricing structures, specialized units for respiratory and cardiac, tele-rehabilitation, and transitional care management. Read more >

Rehab at home is typically for patients released from a hospital or skilled nursing facility who need therapy with a focus on recovery to remain in the home. Additionally, rehabilitation at home is for seniors who desire to maintain their independence and quality of life for as long as possible while remaining in their familiar surroundings. These services are usually contracted by the individual, their medical team, or their caregivers with a focus on preventing admission to a nursing home. Read more >