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Both our name and our mission are bold and audacious. After 35 years in healthcare, we felt it was time to change the narrative. Patients deserve care services that cross settings and providers, a solution that truly partners with each patient, coordinating their healthcare and providing compassionate care throughout their lifetime. Lifetime Vitality is here to fill that need.


Our organization of high-touch, experienced specialists is intent on delivering patient-driven, individualized care. We practice evidence-based therapy, tracking outcomes to prove the efficacy of our services while striving to bend the cost curve by offering value-based services. Lifetime Vitality has embedded within its mission and delivery model the most innovative health technology solutions for patient engagement and communication across all constituents leading to better health outcomes.

What can I do today that will have a ‘Lifelong Impact’ on those I serve?”

Lifetime Vitality employs thoroughly vetted, outcome-focused, licensed therapists, care managers, and care coordinators. Our therapists provide each patient with clinically sound and evidenced-based rehabilitation while monitoring outcomes to prove the efficacy of our services.



We believe every patient deserves to pursue lifelong vitality, and our care providers work collaboratively to customize goals based on what is most meaningful to the patient and their family. You can expect our therapy teams to work closely with each other, as an inter-professional team, as well as with the medical community to ensure every patient is treated with dignity and respect. Our care managers and care coordinators also are versed in healthcare gaps and are poised to assist with care integration between providers and sites of care, including in a patient’s own home.


Additionally, our licensed therapists continuously pursue clinical excellence and practice at the highest level of their unique skills. Our care managers and coordinators are thoroughly trained and dedicated to serving the older population with empathy and compassion.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Empowering Your Heart Health Journey

At Lifetime Vitality, our Cardiac Rehab program is designed to support, educate, and empower individuals recovering from heart-related conditions. With over 35 years of healthcare excellence, we understand the importance of personalized, patient-driven care. Our dedicated team of experienced therapists and care coordinators specializes in cardiac care that’s based on evidence-based therapy, ensuring the most effective treatment and monitoring outcomes to demonstrate our services’ efficacy.

Our Cardiac Therapy Rehab program focuses on:

  • Personalized Rehabilitation Plans: Tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal recovery and health management.
  • Comprehensive Support: From high-touch care management to innovative health technology solutions for enhanced patient engagement.
  • Inter-professional Collaboration: Working closely with the medical community to ensure cohesive care and respect for every patient.
  • Lifelong Vitality: Aiming for not just recovery but sustained health and wellness, empowering patients to pursue a life of vitality.

Join us at Lifetime Vitality for a cardiac rehab experience that’s committed to making a ‘Lifelong Impact’ on your health and well-being.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services

Empowering Your Heart Health Journey

Lifetime Vitality’s Pulmonary Rehab program is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with pulmonary conditions. Our approach is rooted in 35 years of healthcare innovation and patient-centered care. By integrating evidence-based therapy with the latest in health technology, we provide comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation aimed at enhancing lung function and overall health.

Our Pulmonary Therapy Rehab program offers:

  • Customized Care Plans: Developed to meet the specific needs and goals of our patients, promoting better lung health and functionality.
  • Expert Team: Our specialized therapists and care coordinators bring empathy, excellence, and evidence-based practices to every aspect of your care.
  • Innovative Solutions: Utilizing cutting-edge health technology for patient engagement and communication, ensuring better health outcomes.
  • Collaborative Care: Ensuring a seamless integration of services across healthcare settings, with a focus on dignity, respect, and continuous support.

Experience the difference with Lifetime Vitality’s Pulmonary Rehab program, where every breath taken is a step closer to lifelong vitality and wellness.

Our Mission

Lifetime Vitality’s mission is to change the post-care healthcare narrative. Healthcare has historically centered around reimbursement and practice patterns that are siloed from a patient’s perspective. This design typically serves the providers better than their patients. A patient wants and needs a partner who is their advocate to help them navigate healthcare throughout different settings and providers. Lifetime Vitality’s mission is to partner with each patient for their life-long health needs across many settings and providers. Making a positive impact on all parties is Lifetime Vitality’s commitment to “Lifelong Impact”.


What does it mean to partner with Lifetime Vitality?

It starts with our Vitalists. Our therapists, care managers, care coordinators, and staff are not team members but are partners with equity in Lifetime Vitality. Every caregiver is committed to creating a “Lifelong Impact” for our patients.   Our team of clinicians and care coordinators build a rapport with their patients based on mutual respect and common goals. We believe every client has the ability to pursue their Life-long Vitality, and we work collaboratively with our patients and their families to customize goals based on what is most meaningful to them.

For our Patients, Lifetime Vitality is a life-long healthcare partner who will be there with them every step of the way for their healthcare journey, throughout different settings and providers.

For Payers, Lifetime Vitality provides industry-leading outcomes and value throughout the healthcare continuum. Lifetime Vitality works as a partner with payers to provide the best care possible for the patient, closing care gaps and offering coordination through transitions of care.

For Health Technology Partners, Lifetime Vitality’s leadership team is invested in technology solutions that support our care teams to deliver more efficient and effective home care through telemedicine, telehealth, and technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, monitoring, and care delivery innovations. We constantly seek out and innovate new technology for improved home care.

Lifetime Vitality is partnered with Theradynamics, the largest rehabilitation provider in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Theradynamics offers the full continuum of therapy services from hospital in-patient and out-patient, free standing out-patient clinics, Sports Performance Lab, skilled nursing centers, assisted living, home and community, PACE programs and at-risk managed care.  Theradynamics works with industry leaders to offer scientifically proven technologies and to develop new tools to serve patient needs and enable them to achieve their highest level of recovery.

Our therapists and assistants provide specialized rehabilitation services to the older adult population (55+) in senior, independent and assisted living communities, and in the home and community. Our care managers and coordinators provide in home services for those individuals who are recovering from an injury or surgery or simply want to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Senior (55+) Living Communities

For active individuals living in senior living communities, our services are typically for those individuals who have had a healthcare event such as a heart attack, stroke, or joint replacement. These services are usually contracted by the individual, their medical team, or their caregivers and can be provided within the community.

Independent Living Communities

For elderly loved ones who still have the physical and mental capacity to live independently but want companionship from others their age without the hassles that come with home ownership. These communities typically offer services and amenities that may include rehab on-site for patients recovering from a healthcare event.

Assisted Living Communities

For elder individuals who cannot live independently and may have a difficult time with medications and/or some daily activities, such as bathing, grooming, eating, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and going to the bathroom. These communities typically offer more services and amenities that may include rehab on-site, including support for dementia and Alzheimer's care, to help support daily living.

Skilled Nursing Center

Skilled Nursing facilities typically offer the same services and amenities as assisted living communities such as rehab on-site, including support for dementia and Alzheimer’s’ care. Additionally, Lifetime Vitality’s approach creates new opportunities for the center with creative pricing structures, specialized units for respiratory and cardiac, tele-rehabilitation, and transitional care management.

Home and Community

Rehab at home is typically for patients released from a hospital or skilled nursing facility who need therapy with a focus on recovery to remain in the home. Additionally, rehabilitation at home is for seniors who desire to maintain their independence and quality of life for as long as possible while remaining in their familiar surroundings. These services are usually contracted by the individual, their medical team, or their caregivers with a focus on preventing admission to a nursing home.

Lifetime Vitality Announces New Director of Clinical Operations

Andrea King Joins Lifetime Vitality as Director of Clinical Operations WOODBURY, NEW YORK – Lifetime Vitality, a healthcare provider specializing in home care management, rehabilitation therapy, and wellness services, has added a director of Clinical Operations to their leadership team of tenured professionals. Clinical Operations

Read More »

Lifetime Vitality is led by respected industry professionals focused on delivering the highest quality care to achieve the best possible outcomes for every single patient. Lifetime Vitality’s experienced leadership team has a combined 200+ years of experience in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to supporting a diverse and inclusive culture.

Dan Hirschfeld, AB, MBA, MFa

President and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to Lifetime, Dan Hirschfeld served as President and CEO of Chronic Care Management (CCM), a provider of full service and software services for over 26,000 patients living in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing homes and traditional home settings. A national presenter and panelist for the healthcare industry and investment industry, Dan has been an industry representative to various state and national government bodies. Read more >

Mary Lea Habegger, MA, CCC-SLP

Chief Clinical Officer

Mary Lea Habegger is a highly innovative, outcomes-based clinical leader with a clear focus on providing care that transforms the lives of patients. Mary Lea has over 25 years of experience leading clinicians and care teams, and she is passionate about supporting clinicians in their professional career paths. Mary Lea has years of experience working in health technology, most recently with artificial Intelligence. Read more >

Michelle Southerly, MS, CCC-SLP

Senior Vice President of Administration

Michelle Southerly is an innovative, results-oriented leader with over 20 years of executive-level management experience. Michelle is known as a versatile leader with experience in team and field operations, change management, insurance authorizations/verification, and credentialing. Michelle served 20 years with Genesis Rehab Services in various management roles, with the last nine years as a VP of Operations and credentialing, verifications, authorizations, and medical records. Read more >

Dawn Clayton Bieber, OTR/L

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Dawn Clayton Bieber OTR/L has over 30 years of experience providing occupational therapy services to clients in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living facilities (AL), continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), inpatient rehab and home care. Working with AL/IL/CCRC and Home Health business partners, she has worked to build and support collaborative relationships and integrated clinical programming that promote aging in place and safety for residents and caregivers. Read more >

Andrea King

Director of Clinical Operations, Virtual

Andrea King is a passionate, results-driven clinical leader. Andrea has worked in a variety of roles in the healthcare industry over the last 20 years with a focus on caring for the elderly. Andrea is a nurse that has led clinical operations in multiple environments such as facility-based, house calls, and virtual care services. Andrea drives clinical teams to build meaningful, compassionate, long-term relationships with patients and caregivers. Read more >

Caroline Browne, MSPT

Director of Customer Success

Caroline Browne has been in healthcare for over 19 years, first as Physical Therapist clinician and then as a strong clinical operator in a growing healthcare market serving senior care communities and outpatient settings. Caroline has also supported the growth of senior care and rehabilitation into international markets supporting joint ventures, consulting, and clinical education to bring high-quality western-based rehabilitation services to the Asia market. Read more >

Why Choose Lifetime Vitality?

At Lifetime Vitality, we believe in working together as a team. Our team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists and care professionals provide personal care to each and every patient based on mutual respect and common goals. We believe every client can pursue their Lifelong Vitality, and we work collaboratively with each patient and their family to provide support and personal care based on what is most meaningful to them. We work to be the bridge between your loved one’s care and their needs for ongoing assistance.

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