Our Journey

It all began with a novel idea…to change the narrative of post-acute healthcare by serving people where they live, while providing a partnership with the patients throughout their healthcare journey regardless of setting or provider. There are more than 46 million adults age 65 and older living in the U.S.; many who reside in senior living communities and others who choose to age at home. In 2000, Lifetime Vitality’s leadership saw the need for healthcare companies to innovate and increase access to therapy services by delivering first to senior living communities and then by adding at home and community services in 2014. From his time as President of Genesis Rehabilitation Services (GRS), Dan Hirschfeld was made keenly aware of the difference quality rehabilitation services can make in the lives of individuals recovering from an incident or elective surgery, or simply wanting to delay decline, to live their best lives every day. “I have both seen and experienced first-hand the difference that quality care from dedicated professionals who treat people with respect while recognizing their individual goals can make in a life,” comments Dan Hirschfeld, Lifetime Vitality President and Chief Executive Officer.


Fast forward to 2022, Lifetime Vitality was created to better focus on an underserved portion of the healthcare market servicing senior living facilities and rehabilitation services in the home and the community. This new journey is propelled by tenured industry professionals who believe patients and families deserve a lifetime healthcare partner, one focused on care of the adult (55+), in assisted and independent living communities, and in the home and community. They know firsthand that navigating healthcare can be challenging and overcoming gaps in care created by silos is crucial.


This dedicated focus better serves patients and enables them to reach the highest level of health and independence possible. Additionally, family members and caregivers can rest assured their loved ones are receiving dedicated results-driven care. When someone is not familiar with the different options, it can be overwhelming navigating the healthcare continuum. Lifetime Vitality wants to take the stress out of that for seniors and their families by bridging the gaps between care sites and providers.


Dan Hirschfeld states, “The creation of Lifetime Vitality leverages 35 years of experience in the healthcare services industry while allowing the new company to be more agile and forward thinking, much like the butterfly we adopted for our logo.”


Our Mission: To approach life with intensity and vigor, with unwavering passion, with the courage to innovate and improve services for patients and our community, while boldly redesigning for positive change in healthcare.