Care Services in Senior Living, Independent & Assisted Living Communities

If appropriate, Lifetime Vitality will lease space within the community, provide rehab gym equipment and provide on-site rehabilitation and wellness services for the residents of the community.

Reduce Costs

  • Preventive therapies for your residents maximize Vitality, which will give your community’s families peace of mind.
  • Keeping residents actively engaged at your community eliminates the burden on the caregiver team.
  • Having therapy onsite enables your patients to maintain the vitality they need to age in place.  This will reduce the number of discharges from your facility due to patient decline in condition.

Unbeatable Support

  • On-site, licensed therapists that are easy to reach and have firsthand knowledge of your residents and your community.
  • Coordinated therapy with community partners, including physicians, to deliver efficient care to support the entire care team.
  • Extraordinary healthcare customer support with real time access and understanding of local and national therapy programs to meet the needs of all your residents.
  • Partner with your patients to promote aging in place through therapy and care coordination.

What You Can Expect

Local leadership works with our partners to understand the needs of their communities. A plan of delivery is agreed upon to support mutual goals of reducing hospitalization and optimal functionality. Lifetime Vitality understands that healthcare is local, therefore, we focus on disease-specific challenges unique to your area.

  • Assigned Director of Vitality (DOV) for onsite oversight and committed partnership of shared goals.
  • Consistent assigned clinical Vitalists specializing in geriatric care who take an interdisciplinary approach to care management using standardized clinical tests and measures.
  • Integration of our team with yours to allow for thoughtful care transitions.
  • Case management, care coordination and care for medically complex patients.
  • Geriatric Vitalists to assist with program development in your community supporting residents through education, exercise groups and more.
  • Regular visits by local leadership and annual evaluations to increase understanding and ensure our partners’ goals are being met.

Benefits of On-Site Care

When a community partners with Lifetime Vitality, it signals to their residents and their families a commitment to their well-being and overall health. When care is delivered on-site, residents feel more comfortable and are more willing to commit to the work of rehabilitation. Residents come to know and trust their therapists which typically translates to better outcomes. Additionally, communities can expect to see a reduction in resident absences for non-medical reasons such as falls. Our staff partners take a life-time perspective on your residents which means a commitment to outcomes and services beyond skilled therapy to help residents maintain their highest functional capacity.