Lifetime Vitality


Introducing Lifetime VitalityFit℠ Evaluations for Seniors

Lifetime VitalityFit℠ evaluations for seniors use the most advanced technology to provide instructors with the most accurate assessment of each patient’s current limitations, injury risk, and overall health. This allows for the development of an individualized rehabilitation, wellness, and recovery treatment protocol plan to achieve the best outcomes.

LIFETIME VITALITYFIT℠ Evaluations include:

  • Fall Riskincluding agility, proprioception, and reaction time.
  • Memory & Cognitionincluding memory, speech, and executive functioning.
  • Functional Movement, including mobility, stability, and joint dysfunctions.
  • Pressure Mappingincluding lower body strength and balance.
  • Coordinationincluding brain to body connections and sensory motor control.
  • Body Compositionincluding muscle, fat, water content, and visceral fat levels.

Making a Lifelong Impact

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